Church Services in Person

Sunday 14th November 2021

For this week only (Sunday 14th November 2021) there will be no live streamed service. However there is an audio file that will be available from 10.30am of the service.

To listen to the service this morning click on the below link.


Circuit Remembrance Recorded Service

Sunday 14th November 2021

Use the link below to watch the circuit service from 10.30am.


Walkden Methodist Church, Church Council met on Tuesday 21st September 2021. One of the items discussed was a review of the current restrictions on public worship in the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

It was agreed that some restrictions on public worship will be relaxed. Below are the arrangements that will be implemented for public worship going forward, namely:

  • The restriction on maximum numbers of attendees to public worship will be lifted, meaning that no bookings will be required to attend a public worship service.
  • There will be also no allocated seating, so those in attendance will be able to choose where they sit but are reminded to be respectful for those in attendance who may wish to maintain a social distance from those they do not normally have contact with
  • Social distancing is still recommended and encouraged to be practiced within the building
  • Face coverings will be recommended to be always worn during a public worship service
  • Singing will continue while being seated and wearing face coverings
  • The one way system in and out of the building will remain. Entry to the service will be through the main front entrance doors with everyone exiting after the service via the one-way system through the bridge suite
  • Hand sanitising as you enter and leave the building will remain
  • The collection will be collected via a collection plate as you enter the building
  • There is to be limited movement around the church whilst in the building (ie no wandering round the building)

If I want to maintain a social distance how do I do that ?

As you enter the building please ask a steward / welcomer for 2 social distancing signs. These are polite signs reminding people to respect your choice to socially distance. These are to be placed on the chair(s) either side of you.

We will remind everyone who attends the service to respect the wishes of those who wish to continue to remain seated in a social distanced manner.

The Church Council reserves the right to change the above at short notice should either government restrictions change, that advice from the Methodist Church changes, or that the situation changes within the building  to warrant a change to the above easing of restrictions.

Covid 19 is still apparent and the above tries to provide a careful balance of continuing to move the church forward in learning to live the Covid-19, but also remaining responsible to those who attend the church and surrounding community. The Autumn / Winter period provides some uncertainty on how the pandemic may continue to unfold and will be under careful monitoring by the church going forward.

Should you have any concerns or wish to discuss any of the above further contact us via info@walkdenmethodist.org.uk and we will be happy make contact and discuss this with you.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation in these uncertain and difficult times.