We are often asked if we hold weddings, baptisms and funerals in the Church, and the short answer is yes we do in a traditional or modern service.

The services are dependent on the occasion but can be full traditional services or services that have a slight twist on the traditional. We aim to incorporate your requirements to provide a service that meets you needs. These special services are available to regular members or members of our community who decide that they wish to have a special church service.

The Minister is responsible for arranging and managing these special services and whose privilege it is to baptise, marry and bury those who live in the our area for which they have spiritual responsibility.

Walkden Methodist Church is here for our members and our community through all aspects of life, from at the beginning through baptism, through a Christian life (or times in which people require spiritual comfort and discovery),  to marriage and at the end of life being thankful and remembering life.

If you wish for any of these special services, then please contact us via our contacts page or email us at info@walkdenmethodist.org.uk and we will arrange the Minister to contact you.